Artwork Dimensions Instructions

•  Composition size: 864  pixels (w) by 240  pixels (h)

•  Color mode: CYMK

•  Export Resolution: 72 dpi (use high-resolution assets and/or vector graphics)

•  Preferred Static file format: JPEG (Canva users please email as .PDF)

•  Pixel aspect ratio: square pixels


All advertising mediums have their own set of rules and best practices and LED advertising is no exception.  Just like print, web, and broadcast advertising have guidelines, LED advertising does as well. Daktronics has developed tools, like this one, to assist you in creating a successful digital campaign that maintains your brand and wins the glance.

Getting Started:

It is best to create content in the same pixel by pixel dimensions of the display.

We understand the pixel size of the display can seem impossibly small when designers are not used to this technology.  It is possible to work in a size up to three times the pixel size of the display. Just make sure your completed piece is resized to the exact pixel dimensions of the display before uploading the content to the display.


We recommend using rich, vibrant,  saturated colors on the display.   Also, be sure there is a great deal of contrast between the background and the message/ image.  Rich colors evoke a stronger emotional response from your viewers. Even though the display is capable of creating any color, lighter colors and low contrast messages will appear soft or blurry. We recommend avoiding white backgrounds since LED displays use emitted light. If too many pastels or white backgrounds are used, your content can actually repel the viewers eye, especially in low-light conditions.


Simple. Bold. Brief. You have to remember that your audience is in motion and will be glancing up at the display.  If you make your message concise and bold, your content will be more easily understood in a glance. We recommend using the least amount of text possible and to use a graphic or image to tell a part of the story whenever possible. It also helps with contrast to place a drop shadow or a dark outline around the text to separate it from the background.

Download Template Files from Google Drive
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