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Shandy Mehl | Sales & Marketing Manager
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Shandy Mehl was born and raised in Walhalla, North Dakota. Her parents, Randy and Ellen, owned their own business but always made time for their children.  She has 5sisters and NO BROTHERS! Shandy is number 4 of 6 girls!
She is married to Luke Mehl, of LM Computers. They have 2 children, Bryton and Braelyn. They also have two little dogs, Noah & Lolah.
Luke and Shandy lived in Detroit Lakes in 2003 but then moved to Sioux Falls for a couple of years.  They decided that Detroit Lakes was the best place to raise a family, so they came back in 2006.
Shandy’s professional background is in childcare, waitressing, retail management, banking, and entrepreneurship. She currently runs a kindergarten readiness program out of her home, has a Network Marketing Business, and has another small business that she has fun with in her free time! Shandy and Luke also have a rental business that they run together. She loves to run, boat, ski, motorcycle, and hang out with her family and her dearest friends.  Shandy and Luke also enjoy classic cars! Shandy’s idea of camping is staying at a 5-star hotel, but she does love the outdoors!  She’s a lake girl at heart!
Shandy is excited about this new adventure with Lakes Digital Sign Guys!  She’s ready to serve the community and your businesses!
Her key to success is to believe enough in others so that they believe in her, to be grateful for everything, and to trust and have full faith in God!
(218) 234-0124
Kyle Meacham | CEO
Minnesota Multimedia | Est. 2019
Detroit Lakes 150th Committee | Web Development & Design Chair

Kyle Meacham | Lead Graphic Designer
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His knowledge base shines all throughout Digital Multimedia Industry.
Locally known for his expertise & credibility in Web Development & Design along with multiple specialties in Camera & Video Production.  
Pass times: Volunteering, Bird Watching, Fishing, Skiing, Family Time, and Hiking for the best photos.
Career based pass times: Learning new skills in the Computer Science Industry for versatile client needs along with Market Research.